How do I link my profile?

You can grab your profile link from your web browser’s address bar. It’s something like and all you have to do is paste it in as your “Homepage” in your SL profile. This will let give you all of the clean, efficient and completeness of the profiles that we’re going to be building into …

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How do I sign up?!?

TL;DNR: To keep this strictly for SL authenticated users you can only sign up in world. You may only do a password reset, in world. No personal info is required, not even your email address. Here is a link to the Marketplace (CLICK HERE) where you can grab the free HUD that allows you …

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Trying something new.

Now in the early/pre-alpha stages we’d like to upgrade your Second Life. Starting with your user profile and including a blog, free. Integrated with SL tools for SL users without the restrictions and potential problems brought on by using Facebook for your SL social networking needs!

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